Corporate profile

Company  Codec Chemical Co.,Ltd.
 Location  6F, Nikko Bldg.
 1-1-4 Kanda Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku,
 Tokyo 101-0052, Japan
 President  Toshihiko Kudo
 Establishment  6/1/1998
 Capital  30 million yen
 Shareholders  *Treasure Co., Ltd.
 *Serendipitt co., Ltd
 *Toshihiko Kudo、Employees
 Fiscal year  Financial results for March
 Bank  *Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, nihonbashi branch
 *Resona Bank, Ikebukuro branch
 *Shoko Chukin Bank, head office
 Employees  15 persons (including directors)
 Directors  *President             Toshihiko Kudo
 *Director                     Shoichiro.Ide
 *Part-time Director     Atsuko Serizawa
 *Part-time Auditor   Harutoshi Ooura
 Business Import/export and sales of inorganic, organic industrial chemicals, solvents, plastics, pharmaceuticals.
Import/export and sales of antibacterial, antifungal drugs, intermediates, food additives.
 Serendipitt co., Ltd.
 TEL  03-3518-9914
 FAX  03-3518-9924