The history

  1. 握手1On June 1, 1998, Codec Chemical Co., Ltd was established as Specialty Chemical Division of Maruwa Biochemical Co., Ltd by joint investment between Maruwa Biochemical Co., Ltd and Nitto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd at present ).
  2. Maruwa Biochemical has been one of well known distributor of agriculture products from DuPont and other key producers. Its Specialty Chemicals Division has been involved with diverse applications and markets such as chelating agents, microbicide/fungicide, photographic chemicals and pharmaceutical and agrochemicals.
  3. Former Nitto Chemical Industry was a medium sized chemical company building a solid position with intermediates of medical and agriculture;(mainly for AN derivatives and products such as EDTA and many kinds of nitrile compounds and amine compounds utilizing by-product HCN from AN production.)
  4. Based on rich amount of information on products and the markets as well as the accumulation of experience and technology of the both companies, Codec Chemical was established for the purpose of contributing to society as the specialized chemical trading company to be responsive to the needs of the new era.