1.Chelating Agents:

  • Chelating agents from Tongsuh Petrochemical (100% subsidiary of Asahi Chemical in Korea) is exclusively handled by Codec Chemical, while Mitsubishi Chemical’s product is promoted by Codec Chemical. Codec Chemical has 30-35% market share in Japan.
  • Codec Chemical has strong relationship with the largest detergent and toiletry goods manufacturer and also a variety of applications such as institutional use detergent, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Codec Chemical is also focusing on market development and promotion of biodegradable chelating agents (ASDA, HDDS) in order to meet the needs of environmental protection.


ja2_line_052. Polar Solvents:

  • The products are solvents with molecules having either a permanent separation of positive and negative charges, or the centers of positive and negative charges do not coincide; these solvents have high dielectric constants, are chemically active, and form coordinating covalent bonds.
  • Codec Chemical covers DMSO from Gaylord Chemical, Acetonitrile from Mitsubishi Rayon, Dioxane from Shunan Fine Chemical, and other aprotic polar solvents (NMP from BASF, THF/DMAC/DMF from China)
  • Codec Chemical is the exclusive distributor in Japan for Gaylord Chemical, who is the largest DMSO producer and the only producer in the world for USP/EP grade DMSO and Procipient ® (for active pharmaceutical ingredient, cell preservation)


3. Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antialgal Agents:

  • Based on in-house culture tests, Codec Chemical recommends the solution and provides the optimal agent to the problems
  • Areas of focus by Codec Chemical is for kneading antifungal agent into the resins of air conditioner filters and fans:also for blending antifungal agent into the paints for air conditioners and inserting cold storage packages for food at large food producers and super markets.
  • Codec Chemical has been the distributor of Compalox ® in Japan


4. Inorganic・Organic Chemicals:

① Inorganic Chemicals:Br

  • Codec Chemical sells imported from Jordan factory bromine and hydrogen bromide acid of the Albemarle Corporation in U.S.A.
  • Also Codec Chemical handles hydrazine, silico fluoride, iodine compound besides general-purpose acids and alkalis.
  • Codec Chemical has earned long term trust backed by their long experience and track record for boiler cleaning of power plants and chemical plants.
  • Codec Chemical is the appointed distributor of sodium bicarbonate and soda ash (USP/EP grade, food grade) from Tata Chemicals Europe

② Organic Chemicals:

  • Codec Chemical has been widely marketing various organic acids as well as amines, oil & fats (fatty Acid, glycerin, other solvents), and amino acid.
  • Codec Chemical is one of distributors for amines of Dow Chemical.
  • Codec Chemical also promotes epoxy hardener (DCMU) from Nippon Soda.


5 . Group companies of goods:

  • This is the introduction of the products in our group companies Serendipitt co., Ltd..