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Codec Chemical Co.,Ltd was registered as an official support company of “The Most Beautiful Village in Japan”.

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The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan was founded in 2005 with 7 towns and villages, while Japan was in the process of municipal amalgamation to reform financial conditions. Municipalities had to find a way to survive. Following “The Most Beautiful Villages in France”, the idea to form a Japanese association was developed from the hearts and minds of those in villages and towns who wanted to protect their natural and social capital as their intangible resources such as their culture and traditional sceneries that had been passed on by their ancestors for hundreds of years.

(From The Most Beautiful Village web site in Japan)

Codec Chemical Co,.Ltd fosters the SPIRIT of Japanese people by supporting “The Most Beautiful Village in Japan”.

All the beautiful scenery of Japan, it is a variety of cultures rooted in the sea, the mountains, the river and the ground, its long history, the lives of people in it, the heart full of usual emotions full of usual feelings, Codec Chemical Co.,Ltd participated in the activities because we wanted to share with people all over the world, want to preserve the landscape and culture and people.

PIC  : Ako Serizawa